Evan's Kindergarten Homeschool

Our homeschooling day can sometimes be rough. But  I must admit, when it is going well, it goes REALLY WELL! and makes up for the rough spots. And for the most part, it goes well :)

My main purpose for homeschooling these boys is to build a "bond" within our family. Being so different on the outside, and coming from different places could someday create a challenge to produce a common ground within our home. We also want to instill Godly principles while they are young. Taught by Dad and Mom. And by doing that, bonds are being built between them, us, and Jesus Christ.

Evan is reading well! And for the most part,
 doing well. This is what curriculum we are using:
  • Horizons Phonics and Reading This program is doing the job. It's not Evans favorite because he hates to write and there is a lot of writing involved. I honestly don't have anything to compare it with, but when I look at other K programs, especially what public schools are using around here, it appears to be advanced. Not sure if that is true across the board. He does like the reading. I did not purchase the teachers guides. We are getting ready to finish Book 2. There are 4 student books.
  • HWT Kindergarten Handwriting workbook - We finished this before Christmas-liked it for my reluctant writer whose fine motor skills used for writing  need encouraging.
  • Sonlight K 4 day core Just started this. Love the books and the outline so far. Love that I can just look at the schedule to see what we are doing that month/week/day and do it! Daddy reads at night as well. I'll probably have more to say about this later this spring.:)
  • Various Children's Bibles. Depending on the night - He will also start Awana again. Great for Bible verse memorization. I don't feel it's necessary to do anything else as long as we go over what he is learning at Awana.
  • Singapore Earlybird Math A and B work/textbooks These workbooks are really easy for Evan. But he loves them. He's almost ready to move to the next level.
  • Most of our year we've been on Geography and Maps. I've used Enchanted Learning to print out country flags and various other geography related pages. Also discovered Expedition Earth download for $15. I wish I had done this in August and started in September. It's a complete geography Unit study in itself. I had planned on pulling it apart and using the resources. I may hold off using it now. I really love it and want to do it as it's intended.
  • I recently signed up Evan for Time4learning  $4.99 for a 30 day trial($19.95 monthly there after). It's great for review. I'm using the first grade level for him. He can do the lessons independently. I really like it for the phonics review. I may just end up using it for the phonics portion of his school day. He begs to do it everyday. It also includes math, science, and social studies. Positive- Evan loves it and it keeps him occupied while I work with Asher. And it actually teaches! Negative- it's a bit pricey. I guess if I was using it for my homeschool curriculum and not just a review, it wouldn't be so bad.
  • I plan to do more science during the summer...mmmm I wonder what it will be :) Maybe a Unit study or two that I can use with the whole family!


China Dreams said...

I don't know where in the Northeast you're from, and maybe you don't need any ideas for curriculum, but you might be interested in this site: http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/regional/NewHampshire.htm


God's Grace said...

thanks Ruby! I live in NJ. Expecting some snow tomorrow, woohooo!

The Kings said...

Thanks for posting and including links. I love hearing from other parents what is working for you! Always helpful!

Luke said...

Glad things are going so well. And it's always great when dad can get involved [smile].