Here's my itinerary!

We have all the money we need! Well, we don't actually have it yet  but I know it's coming :) God is so good! His hand has truly been opening doors...and it's just like God to do it at the 11th hour! Just a little over a month ago we had nothing and now...well, God has provided everything we need. And Brad is now back to work.

I'm trying to fly with carry-on only on the way there. Once I get Arielle, we will most definitely go shopping for some clothing. I'm assuming she will come with only the clothes on her back and some personal belongings. So a trip to Walmart will be necessary! So I plan to buy a new suitcase at that time...but who knows, maybe I can get away with carryon only in China too. We will see....Here is the itinerary...Our time in Beijing only cost $150 more!

Mar 14: Leave Newark - non-stop flight to Beijing.

Mar.15: Family arrive in Beijing, Take the Train to Tianjin - transfer to hotel
Mar.16: Go to Tianjin Orphanage to meet your child and sign the agreement. After that you may look around the orphanage.

Mar.17: Go to the Civil Affairs for the adoption registration, notarization and apply the child’s passport.

Mar.18: Visit the Ancient Culture Street and go to the local department store to buy some daily necessities for the child. Take high-speed train from Tianjin to Beijing, transfer to  Hotel.

Mar.19: Visit the Great Wall with lunch (cable car is not included). Acrobatic show in the evening.

Mar.20: Attend Bei*ing International Christian Fellowship, after that transfer to train station and take high-speed train back to Tianjin.

Mar.21: Pick up the adoption certificate.

Mar.22: Free on own arrangements.

Mar.23: Visit the Tianjin Museum of Natural History

Mar.24: Pick up the child’s passport, then transfer to the airport, Tianjin to Guangzhou. Transfer to  Hotel.

Mar.25: Rest on the day.

Mar.26: Take visa photo for the child and then go for TB test and medical exam for the child.

Mar.27: Visit the Safari Park

Mar.28: Pick up TB test result.

Mar.29: 08:30am visa appointment at the Consulate and oath-taking ceremony there.

Mar.30: Visit the Six Banyan Temple.

Mar.31: Pick up the visa in the afternoon.

Apr.01: Leave Guangzhou for Beijing, transfer to airport. From Beijing, NON-STOP FLIGHT HOME!

Apr. 01


Trying to make some changes...

I haven't posted my travel plans yet as I'm trying to change them :) I think the in-China coordinator is tired of hearing from me now! Not really but I think I may be if I were her.

Since I need to be in Ti*njin for so long, I really want to do more. I can't imagine sitting at our hotel for all the "free days" we have. I want to do as much as we possibly can for the first week. Since Arielle is a teenager, I know she's going to have mixed emotions. So I'm trying to keep her busy while we get to know each other. I want to go into Beijing and arrange to go to the Acrobat show. We never got an opportunity to do this with our last China Trip. And I want to also take her to the Great Wall. But as of today, I haven't got a response about this. So I sent another email....I'm the annoying client-wish I could call!

Really, we have so much free time I could take the train myself and stay in Beijing for a day or two myself. Then head back to Ti*njin and pick up her papers. But I'd feel better about it if I had a guide with me. Or if I had another adult!

So, I'm waiting to post my itinerary : D


Another priceless Note! and expenses...

  Dear Mom:
I'm happy to receive the parcel you've sent to the orphanage. I enjoy all the gifts you sent to me. I will share them with my friends and teachers. Mr *** * have read the ****  you sent to me. I'm excited to know I will be educated in a public school and paint in an art studio.

Here in the orphanage I had a happy spring festival. I watched TV programs, enjoyed the party with my friends. I can't wait to see you and Dad in March. Wish you a pleasant journey to Ch*na. Wish every one in our family all the best.

This is the first time she signed "Arielle" in her notes. In a prior letter I mentioned to Arielle that I homeschooled our young boys. But we intended to send her to public school for the first year. Much prayer had gone into this decision. I had no idea how worried she was about this. She had a friend's mother email me (who is already home with her forever family) and ask if she was going to be homeschooled too. It seems like the "idea" of homeschooling makes them nervous(they evidently have another friend who is homeschooled and home with her forever family here in the USA that does not like it...in my opinion...too much emailing between "friends"about homeschooling!). But I have an idea once she is here, and she sees what she is missing, she will WANT to be homeschooled...

We plan to send her to a local Art Studio.

I also got a note from her teacher:

Dear Terry *******:
Arielle asked me to say hello and tell her feelings to your family. If you want to touch her, you can write *******. I will download the letter and read it to her. Now Arielle is very happy to hear from you and know what her new life will be in the US. She wish to hear from you soon. Wish your family all the best.
M**. *****

I plan to take pictures of her room, church, house, etc, and send those to this teacher so she will "see" everything. I also what her to know we have 3 dogs. I am so blessed to have this connection with her. I thank Gifts to China with Love for opening that door for us!

We finally got our total for in-China travel costs and so we tallied everything up and added it all together. Including the orphanage donation.

Still about $2100 short in money needed for fees. And that doesn't include what I need for eating and tips for the guide and driver. I'm not exactly sure how much I will need for that...I guess I'm trying to just take it one step at a time. It's easier for me to see the "light" by taking one chunck of expenses and chipping away at it. Once we meet that, then we move on to the next. I'm happy to say we are nearing the end!

We withdrew what we could from Brads retirement fund. It covers our plane tickets exactly! but now we have $0 savings left to draw from...I'm just happy we had it for such a time as this! For those of you keeping records for your own travel, our thermometer doesn't reflect the price of my Airline tickets there and back. I left it out since it varies so much depending where you're flying out of and time of year. What it does include is in china transportation, fees, hotels, breakfast, a few sightseeing tours...

I'll be posting our itinerary tomorrow. Our trip will be 18days total due to an in-province visa processing change.



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Prayers for our hearts!

The boys cut out hearts the other day. We are hanging them around the familyroom with a prayer request on each one. I want to teach them about the power of prayer :) So if you have a request, let us know. We will be praying! Please keep it kid friendly...maybe just a name or short discription like "Aunt Betty...needs a new house". God knows the rest.