Here's my itinerary!

We have all the money we need! Well, we don't actually have it yet  but I know it's coming :) God is so good! His hand has truly been opening doors...and it's just like God to do it at the 11th hour! Just a little over a month ago we had nothing and now...well, God has provided everything we need. And Brad is now back to work.

I'm trying to fly with carry-on only on the way there. Once I get Arielle, we will most definitely go shopping for some clothing. I'm assuming she will come with only the clothes on her back and some personal belongings. So a trip to Walmart will be necessary! So I plan to buy a new suitcase at that time...but who knows, maybe I can get away with carryon only in China too. We will see....Here is the itinerary...Our time in Beijing only cost $150 more!

Mar 14: Leave Newark - non-stop flight to Beijing.

Mar.15: Family arrive in Beijing, Take the Train to Tianjin - transfer to hotel
Mar.16: Go to Tianjin Orphanage to meet your child and sign the agreement. After that you may look around the orphanage.

Mar.17: Go to the Civil Affairs for the adoption registration, notarization and apply the child’s passport.

Mar.18: Visit the Ancient Culture Street and go to the local department store to buy some daily necessities for the child. Take high-speed train from Tianjin to Beijing, transfer to  Hotel.

Mar.19: Visit the Great Wall with lunch (cable car is not included). Acrobatic show in the evening.

Mar.20: Attend Bei*ing International Christian Fellowship, after that transfer to train station and take high-speed train back to Tianjin.

Mar.21: Pick up the adoption certificate.

Mar.22: Free on own arrangements.

Mar.23: Visit the Tianjin Museum of Natural History

Mar.24: Pick up the child’s passport, then transfer to the airport, Tianjin to Guangzhou. Transfer to  Hotel.

Mar.25: Rest on the day.

Mar.26: Take visa photo for the child and then go for TB test and medical exam for the child.

Mar.27: Visit the Safari Park

Mar.28: Pick up TB test result.

Mar.29: 08:30am visa appointment at the Consulate and oath-taking ceremony there.

Mar.30: Visit the Six Banyan Temple.

Mar.31: Pick up the visa in the afternoon.

Apr.01: Leave Guangzhou for Beijing, transfer to airport. From Beijing, NON-STOP FLIGHT HOME!

Apr. 01


Anita said...

WOW Terry! Just amazing to see it in print, huh? I'm sooo excited to watch your journey to Arielle be completed. HUGS my friend!

China Dreams said...

Glad to hear that you have everything you need for the trip. I pack super light, but I have to say you're braver than I am, going strictly carry-on.


kayder1996 said...


Chris said...

Just wondering, will your new daughter be allowed in the church in B*jing? We were discouraged from trying to attend since our new son was traveling under that foreign passport.


charis said...

Hi! We have never met but I found your blog through another adoption blog awhile back. I'm so happy to hear that Arielle will soon be with her forever family!
I wanted to tell you, my husband and I are currently living in TJ. If I can be of any help to you while you are here, please let me know. You can email me at charis(at)sandandtea(dot)com
I hope you have a great trip and enjoy your time bonding with your daughter!

Difference2This1 said...

Stopped by from fortheloveofmy kids....congratulations on getting your trip all in order!! What a beautiful family you have....looks like Arielle will fit right in!! Prayers for a wonderful trip! God bless, Jennifer (also soon to be mom of 6 very soon!!)