Trying to make some changes...

I haven't posted my travel plans yet as I'm trying to change them :) I think the in-China coordinator is tired of hearing from me now! Not really but I think I may be if I were her.

Since I need to be in Ti*njin for so long, I really want to do more. I can't imagine sitting at our hotel for all the "free days" we have. I want to do as much as we possibly can for the first week. Since Arielle is a teenager, I know she's going to have mixed emotions. So I'm trying to keep her busy while we get to know each other. I want to go into Beijing and arrange to go to the Acrobat show. We never got an opportunity to do this with our last China Trip. And I want to also take her to the Great Wall. But as of today, I haven't got a response about this. So I sent another email....I'm the annoying client-wish I could call!

Really, we have so much free time I could take the train myself and stay in Beijing for a day or two myself. Then head back to Ti*njin and pick up her papers. But I'd feel better about it if I had a guide with me. Or if I had another adult!

So, I'm waiting to post my itinerary : D

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