What a time we are having here...up and down and up and down. It really is going well but I don't want to give the impression that everything is perfect. It's been work. It's been hard...but being refined is difficult, isn't it? Arielle has had very little training in the way of social/family settings. A lifetime in an orphanage has been hard on her. Socially I see how her need of a mom and dad were sorely missed.

I've had to ban QQ. I questioned whether or not to allow her to get on this Chinese social network but it's clear that she can not do this. She wants to keep in touch with her teachers...that's what she says...but I suspect she wants to stay in touch with some "friends" she will NOT be in touch with. She will need to use email for her teachers and only through mom and dad. She wasn't happy with this but I know in my heart this is what we have to do. Much prayer has gone into this. And Brad and I both agree. Especially after the "issues" I've had. She is a very bright, wonderful, social, young lady...with loads of potential. I pray she will one day understand "why".

Her education is another prayer... we are praying what is best for her. Please pray with us. I can't remember if I mentioned this on the last post but I found out her eyes are bad. Probably the reason she has difficulty with schoolwork. When I talked to her teacher in Tianjin, she told me Arielle would probably be very suited for home school. I found that interesting. She is very distracted socially and tends to do things compulsively. I'm concerned that she will get in load of trouble in public school- especially considering some of the things we have experienced so far. But she is also very smart. So we will be weighing this all out. I told her she could go to school but I probably should not have said that since we are not sure now. We may be homeschooling her while focusing on learning to speak English. She had some friends speak negatively about home school so she has a negative idea of what it is.

As I said, I contribute all these issues to be the direct result of not having a mom or dad. Negative ideas were taught to her throughout her time at the orphanage and she's learned to believe them. I may share more about this later, I may not. I'm not sure harm was meant, but harm was certainly done. She's a beautiful child, so talented. And so much potential. I can't imagine the pain in her heart, the trust that had been broken. The loneliness of not being "chosen", being "overlooked", and all the acting out that was needed to cope with it all. She's strong, a fighter!

I do compare her to a Lioness! Her name...Arielle, Lioness of God!

God led us to this, And He continues to walk with us. And He chose her even before we did. She is HIS CHILD! A CHOSEN CHILD of JESUS CHRIST. She just doesn't know it yet.... but she will...

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Tracy said...

Terry, I aqm praying for you! I am sure she has many misconceptions that will need to be straightened out and she has had many years to go it on her own and that is tough. I am sure once you get home and she can see and experiance how a family really works and what that means her heart and mind and eyes will open. I am so excited for you both to come home that I just almost cant stand it! ( I am sure you are even more excited then I am) You have been gone lone and are sorely missed! Much Love to you and Arielle and I will pray and pray for her!! Luke is so excited to meet her he doesntg know what to do with himself! Love you!