I'm walking in circles, packing and unpacking, checking things on my numerous lists...all the while looking at two ...ummm, three sad faces. Brad is feeling sad too (not to mention me)! I'm not sure Asher really understands what's going on. He knows I'm going away but he really doesn't have a concept of time yet. Evan cries when he thinks about it. So I'm taking a break to just sit, pray, and enjoy the sunshine.

We do have a lot planned for the boys while I'm away. Levi too. Daddy plans to take them to the Museum to see the dinosaurs, Franklin Institute, the Zoo, Movies, ect. I'm sure they will have their fill of Chuck E Cheese too!

I leave on Monday and I'm thanking Jesus my flight goes straight to Beijing. I tried to talk myself into saving a few dollars with a layover (also would have had bigger seats and personal video) But I did not want the hassle of getting off the plane and boarding another-opens the door for other problems too. Just get me there as quick as possible!

I feel so covered in prayer, thank you all! I am blessed to call you friends.

I still have a lot to do but for now I'm just sitting in the sunshine by the window of my back porch with my boy :) Gosh I'm going to miss home!

But I am looking forward to NO COOKING for 18 days... did I mention that before  ;)

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