I've been a horrible blogger! forgive me! I'm having a wonderful time getting to know our little group and especially getting to know Arielle. I keep thinking I'm dreaming because it's going so well. The communication is getting better and she's learning some words now. For those of you who what to see pictures only, just click HERE :) I have some new ones....

Must be some kind of Anime' convention going on because there are all kinds of "characters" around here today. The area was jammed with people.

I won't say much because I must sound like a broken record as I'm saying the same thing....it's going wonderful! We went to the medical appointment to do the Vaccinations and TB test. They also do a physical Exam. One thing I found out is her eyes are bad. Explains a lot. She has trouble reading pinyin, daaaa. Her eyes are bad :) I'm glad I have this information now as it puts my mind at ease. Could be the reason she had so much trouble with school!

Well, that's it for now. I did go across the footbridge for a walk with the group. It was fun and I will post those photos soon. We also got our laundry done and now we are headed for a restful evening in. I will post the pictures later.

Tomorrow the Safari Park :) God Bless you!

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The Raudenbush Family said...

We enjoyed Safari Park when we were there about a year ago -- hope you and Arielle do too! Not really like our zoos -- LOL -- but a fun getaway from the city nonetheless. :)