Museum Day

I found out something Arielle loves that is NOT boyish.... Stuffed animals :) We went to the Museum of Natural Science today and it was kind of lame. But after as we passed through the gift shop her eyes lit up looking at the stuffed animals. I got her a Polar Bear (she named him "Bear"- I told her she also has a big dog named Bear and she laughed) She must have spent about 30 minutes just looking and taking pictures with this bear! I also got her (and the boys) animal puppets. shhhh don't tell them :) You can check out the pictures  HERE Go to "China Photo Journal", then scroll down to" Museum Day"

And we also went to a walking street with both a Starbucks and Subway!!!!! Chelsea you been keeping this secret! A nicer area than where our hotel is! With food I'm not afriad to eat :)

At the museum I told Leo that although I am interested in the "THEORY" of Evolution, I do NOT agree with it. It's just a theory. He was quite surprized with this. Immediately he asked if my older son agrees with me... I told him yes. He was even more surprized with that. My son is a history major and is getting his Mastors degree in teaching this semester. I told Leo this a couple days ago so he was surprized someone "educated" would think this way :) He then said that my children have "strong personalities" ...he has no idea how strong HA!

I think we have given Leo a lot to think about these past days..... I told him I was a believer in Jesus Christ... he told me he was interested in Buddaism.

Check out our pictures! HERE Go to "China Photo Journal", then scroll down to" Museum Day"

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Chelsea Gour said...

That walking street was right next to our hotel. We stayed at that Marriot on the corner. We had Starbucks a few times, and Subway and Pizza Hut is right down the street too. :)