My online friend gave me a great idea-thanks Mary! I went to the dollarstore and got a little gift for the boys for each day I'm gone. A gift from mom :) and I'll include a note with each day. Now I need to figure out a clever way for them to find there gifts!

A few days during the week my Daughter will babysit and most likely Levi, my grandson, will be here. So I got him a few too.

We also made paper chains the other day...each night I'm gone the boys will pull a link off of the chain before bed. When they get down to one link Mommy will be coming home!

Evan's paper chain is orange and pink and Asher's is blue. The yellow chain in the middle is a prayer chain we also made with individual prayers on each link. They will pull a link off each night and pray for whatever is on it. I want them to know that they are very much a part of this adoption even though they aren't in China.


Kathy C. said...

Good ideas.

Laura L. said...

These are great ideas. I will pray for you and Arielle, as well as your family back home. I am wishing a wonderful trip for you!! Have a safe journey and a precious time of being united with your daughter.

Tracy said...

COunting down the hours until you leave on your voyage! I am so happy for you, proud of you and anxious to meet your beautiful daughter! Luke cant beleive you are bringing "me home a big sister" hahah she is going to have her work cut out for her! Praying for the most amazing bonding time for you and her and for a smooth trip with no hiccups (well ok this is an adoption trip I am sure they all have there hiccups but we would only allow small hiccups to almost none please Lord!)

Praying for you my sister! YOu are such an inspiration to me and my family and you know without you and your encouragement and friendship Luke would not be in my family, especially since you found him for us! Love you Terry!
Hey if you get a chance email me your itinerary in private so I can pray over the details! Love you!