Sunday Morning

I think today is the first day of spring! I love spring, new beginnings :) I'm praying for our "new beginning" together. As a disclaimer...I am not proofreading my blog as I have no time for that. So forgive me for misspellings or poor grammar. Well, I'd have that anyway but at least I have an excuse today!

It's funny how my "mom of a teen-ager" mode has kicked right in. Poor nutrition, computer time, etc is already being dealt with :P LiXue is such a wonderful kid. And so naive. We are in Beijing right now and we went to the Great Wall and an Acrobat show (more on that in a minute). On our way home last night she mentioned she was glad we are heading back to Tianjin today. This coming Thursday we are leaving Tianjin permanently and although I think she understands that, the scope of it has not set in yet. God Bless her heart and protect it.

Leo has been such a big help. I wish I could tell you more about him but I haven't enough time and you really aren't here to read about the Guide. But I will tell those who come after me with MAA to request Leo. He is young, and relatively new to this, but so helpful and eager to help as well. He's become a good friend of ours. I call him my son in China and LiXue calls him big brother.

I also want to mention that our driver in Beijing is wonderful....not a crazy man at al! Actually wears a seatbelt! Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about. Drivers in China are required to have reflexes as fast as lighting and HIGH SPACIAL REASONING! Most of the time I just turn my head and pray we make it alive!

The Great Wall was fun, but I DID NOT make it to the Top. I forget the name of the pass we went to. I do have video that I plan to upload soon...I say the name of that area on the video. This area of the wall was much more decorative than the last we went to in 2006. The climb was very steep and I made it to the 2nd tower. but then felt like I was having a heart attack :P Too much! I've been exhausted enough! So we rested and went back down. And I'm glad because LiXue became afraid of the height walking down the steep uneven steps (I had no problem with the "down" part!) Crazy to think how old this wall is. What a rich history!

We went to the Acrobat Show I missed last time I was here and LiXue loved it! I'm so glad I drug myself out to see it! Fun!

We are bonding nicely but I know there is so much more she wants to tell me. And the other way around. I also know that she is not so interested in learning English right now. She's VERY talkative. I wish I could get into her head and see exactly how she understands this whole process. I just don't think she truly gets that her life as she knows it will change forever. Pray for her, and that the Lord give us wisdom. She's an extremely responsible young lady, but her maturity is very young. I'm so blessed to be her Mama. Her potential is endless. Artistic, and not the least be shy (almost inappropriately!) Her "American name is Arielle" and means Lioness of God. She is a Lion!

Several times, at the Orphanage, they showed me pictures of her when she was younger and said she looks like a boy. Her hair was short and her clothes were boyish...but truly she was and is beautiful. I don't think she has been told how pretty she is. How stunning her smile is. She's not in anyway a "frills and makeup" girl, I'm not either and either are my other girls. But she has a "boy" persona that obviously has helped her to cope with life. In reality, she is really very sweet. Of course it's been less than a week and she really has so much to learn! we all do... I even believe she will eventually love our "boy like" home though.

Today I will try and get into Church with her. I got a solid 4 hours sleep last night!!! woohooo!

I miss everyone terribly. I'm hoping to upload some photos here soon. I've been putting them of FB though.

I know a few of you have emailed me and I have not responded yet. My vpn connection is very spotty for some reason and it kicks me off. I can't get everything done online I need to with the short amount of time I have. 
I will try and post a little about the orphanage later. I think we may be back this week to say one last goodbye. When I was there, I really didn't see much and had no opportunity to ask about any of the other children (for those who had questions)

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China Dreams said...

Proofreading is probably not the most important thing in the world right now! Glad she's a chatterbox-that will come in handy, even if what she's saying isn't English yet.