Ta Ta Tianjin....Hello Guangzhou!

Still cannot upload photos so HERE is a link to the photos . We are now in Guangzhou and I love it here nicely nestled on the Island. I think I remember someone saying how they like to get off of Shamian Island because it's not "Authentic China". I agree it's not very authentic, but I had enough of that in Tianjin. I'm ready to move on. Arielle is in good spirits too. I've been waiting for her to mourn but so far she seems ready to move on. I can tell that English gets on her nerves when we are talking. I totally understand how she feels. There were moments in Tianjin that I just didn't want to hear Chinese anymore. She has never said anything to me about being bothered but it shows in her face. She also commented on the shop owners ability to speak English here...she says "English good". I tell her that her English will be good someday as well.

She's actually starting to use some English words regularly.

She is so respectful and polite to Mama. Always thinking of me. Actually, I her heart is very big! Over and over she shows how compassionate she is. Earlier today, there was a man who stopped in the street and said something to her...didn't look right to me so I told him to go...he did. I'm not sure what her told her. But she got her translator out and told me that "it didn't bother her because he was ill". She meant he was mentally ill. He was. But I could see so much compassion on her face at that moment.

I posted some photos of our last days in Tianjin and also our first day on Shamian Island. Did I say I love it here :) Met the two other MAA families so I'm not feeling so along now....Tomorrow we have Arielles Medical. She is afraid so please pray for her. She needs to get some shots. We are getting so close to home!

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China Dreams said...

Glad you made it safely to Guangzhou. It's always a relief to reach that leg of the journey.