Time is ticking.....

Soooo much time to do ..... nothing! This is such a long time to spend here in Tianjin. I will say that I've seen a lot of the city that I would not have had an opportunity to see if I was not here for 10 days. And good news for all who come after me, you will not need to stay this long :) unfortunitely I got stuck in the middle of the way they do things here and they were still ironing things out. oh well.

I am uploading photos to my shutterfly account and will post a link soon. The problem I'm having with blogger and photos is my netbook. Everytime I try to upload the photos it kicks me off my vpn. Then I lose connection. So, I will post the link soon.

We went to the "childrens home" yesterday. It was good closer. I'm glad we went. She showed me around and introduced me to her friends. just a few. and then we walked around her neighborhood. The orphanage is nice, the neighborhood is rough. She also took me to a mall under the street that she liked to go to.

Her teacher told me that she would be a good homeschooled student as she has had trouble with her memory. At least that is how it was translated. I think I'm discovering that although she can read chinese characters very well, she has trouble with pinyin-which is a phonetic spelling of their language. I think she has a reading problem...thus the issue communicating through the online google translator. She tells me she is "poor speller". I'm glad I'm realizing this now. But I'm not quit sure how to handle it with school. We plan to put her in public school but I'm not totally sure that is the best for her in the long run. She is intellegent, but she thinks she is not. I'd like to spend time showing her just how smart she is!

We've had a few power struggles... typical stuff that I won't get into. She doesn't get angry just openly frustrated. Not having a Mama and Baba (daddy) shows... no one to be consistant with her. She is not bad, just a bit unsocialized inside a very social personality...if that makes any sense. Her outgoing nature will do her well back home. It will be her motivator. I pray it continues and that God will comfort her through the loneliness.

More later...(dear family, do not correct my grammar or spelling...I'm not proofreading!) love you all!

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Kathy C. said...

I think it might be good to have her in public even if only for a little while because she will pick up English much quicker being emersed in it and wanting to communicate with peers. They can also do testing and find out if there are any learning disabilities that need addressed. You can always change your mind later.