Family Time

I wrote an update at the bottom :)

We had a little sibling get together this Sunday and Arielle had a ball! She had all her sibs under one roof. Along with brother-in-law, Brads GF,  nephew and grandparents. I really think she likes us! (Next week we hope to visit Brad's mom!)

She got some gifts and she gave gifts too!
Love this picture of David! He had food in his mouth! ewe
I know you saw this at the top of the page, but I like it! My camera wasn't really working right so it's not a very clear picture, but we are all together! it makes mom smile!
At some point we lost control...hmmmmm.

This had nothing to do with the party but I thought it was cute...the boys were copying big brother doing push-ups :p
Very interested in Lauren's iphone... Evan informed me he wants one when he grows up...when he's 10, Ha!
Giving more gifts! nephew Levi
Gifts gifts gifts!
Grandmom and Pop-pop

Life has been very active lately. I have found out by experience that is takes at least 3 months to feel like we are all settled...probably more than that. It just happens, and one day you realize it.... I'm not sure there is any defining moment that says, "we made it over the hump". You just wake up one day and realize how normal you feel. :)

We had another meltdown. Doctor appointments. We had an appointment with the general pediatrician, an ultra-sound, and then time with the urologist. (it's all at Dupont Children's Hospital) We had a translator for the first two but stupid me sent the translator home after she had been with us for 2 hours. Truth is, I wasn't sure how she was getting paid. I know the hospital provides the service, but somebody is paying, and I don't think it is our insurance. Until I find out how much this is costing, we need to spread these appointments out!

Well, shortly after I sent her on her way, Arielle became upset. And the appointment ended! So now we need to go back in 2 weeks. I did find out some important info though. Like how this child has had at least 5 major surgeries in her short life. No wonder why she is afraid of doctors and hospitals.

Arielle starts school on Wednesday! We are excited, and nervous! But the school really wants to accommodate her so far. I'm hoping that lasts. And I'm praying it will give her some confidence too. I'm a little concerned about her first day though. Prayers please. I plan on making her a few basic picture cards to take with her to communicate things like, nurse, sick, bathroom, etc.

Family Life: I can see her totally blossoming already! I thinks she is still avoiding English. At least speaking it. But she's understanding it more and more. We have her first English lesson tonight! It's costing a fortune and not sure how many more we will have but I'm hoping it will be a step in the right direction.


Sherry said...

It's so good to see you all smiling and figuring out routine. It looks like things are going well. Same for us! Lot's of smiles, reluctance to speak English, a few tears here and there, multiple appts - overall just settling in. I showed Mia Arielle's picture on your blog and she was all giggles - missing her buddy I am sure. :)

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

Love, love, love the new family photo!

kayder1996 said...

The family photo is very nice! If you're worried about school, you might try 1/2 days to start with. It might minimize the stress.

The Tweetens said...

It has been fun to follow your trip to your daughter. We brought our 13 year old home almost 6 months ago. I'd be happy to talk or listen..anytime. :) I love watching God bring families together, and it's been fun to see how He has worked over the last several months.

Jean said...

Hi Terry!
I remember meeting you and Arielle at the clinic!

I wish we could have spent more time chatting while we were in China! I love your family- bigs and littles and everything in between!!

It is such a journey- not an easy one BUT a good one!!

Blessings to you!

Difference2This1 said...

Hi- We are also a Dupont hospital family. We must live across the bay from you??? We're in DE :) I think I ran into your blog from the older child group?? I can't remember now! You have a beautiful family. Prayers for endurance as you work through all the new issues of older child adoption. Blessings, Jennifer