Finally some pictures...more to come :)

This was the longest hardest trip of my life! It was hard, on me and my family. But I can even imagine the how difficult this has been for Arielle.
Once Evan caught sight of us, he ran up the ramp to mommy and sister Arielle. He even threw off his backpack halfway to run faster!

We were so tired but we went out to eat anyway...we were starving! You can see in Arielle's face just how exhausted she was!

The next day Grandmom and PopPop came over for our first visit

Brothers Evan, Bradley, and Asher, and sister-to-be Melissa :) 

I have to laugh at this picture because I look out of my mind with that hair do going on! I was out of my mind!

Playing in the yard together

Beautiful day for the park

It was really fun watching her find and throw stones in the water. I know that she is older but I get the feeling whenever we do ANYTHING that she's never done it before. At least that's how she portrays life...through the eyes of a child!

Loook Daddee!

So Sweet!

There is such an innocence about her. Sometimes she looks so distant and you can see a weight of pain and insecurity. But when you call her name her whole face lights up. I try to make it a point of everyday to wrap my arms around her and tell her how beautiful and smart she is. She is...

She asked MAA to find her a family. I often wondered if she really wanted one or if she understood what having a family is all about.  She lived a long time with embarrasment. Never really expeienced being a kid...with other kids. Was probably segrated in some way.  You know how kids can be... I have many photos of her with other kids that reflect this. She always a step or two away from the chummy group. Always.

She learned to ride a two wheeler today. I looked out my window to find Daddy running along side this big baby girl...and I teared up thinking she almost missed this. What else did she miss out on? Right now she's playing Legos with my 4 year old, perfectly content.

I'm having a hard time figuring this girl out. She was pretty rough when we met. But really she's a kitten. A LOUD kitten.

Lord, give us wisdom in teaching her. Give to us patience, grace, and mercy. And most of all I pray your Love will overflow into Arielles heart, to give her back what was stolen. To give her new life!

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Kathy C. said...

They all look great. Nice to see her home and to Asher looking so healthy.