It's been busy! & google translate :)

For those of you adopting older kids and wondering about Google Translate. We use this, but keep in mind  you will need an internet connection to use it. It's tricky to use, and can be time consuming, because it doesn't always translate well. But I found a way that works for us...You can find that info below this post :)

Asher has been sick and in the Hospital for Sickle Cell complications. Needless to say it's been very stressful but he is home now and we are trying to keep him home! Arielle became very upset when we had to take him. She had been home less than 2 weeks and very afraid of doctors and any kind of hospital-needless to say it was the first we have been separated since March 16th. She started to cry asI got ready for a hospital stay, then Evan started crying because he had enough of Mommy being "away" from home. But we got through it. I'm praying Asher's body gets stronger so he doesn't relapse. I think my extended trip to China was too much. I will never agree to that again. It was just too much for everyone. And I know that others worked it out that they did not have to stay that long in Tianjin. Hindsight is 20/20.

Arielle is really working hard on learning English with Rosetta Stone. I do like the program but I'm having audio problems...I think it's the microphone. I just doesn't pick up what we are saying. It even says I'm saying it wrong...so I'm sending it all back. I found a better deal with the program at half the price on My Father's World. And it comes with lesson plans. I also found that Starfall.com is helping her with simple phonics.

Asher is also doing phonics with Starfall.... I also secretly put on Sesame Street, and other Dvd's like Leapfrog Letter Factory, Word Factory, and multiple PBS programing for preschoolers...shhhhh. don't tell her she's learning with the little ones :) but she is. I had her reading Bob Books yesterday......I hesitate to expect too much. I know her eyes are bad and we don't have an appointment until the middle of May.
I know that God is working all things together for good. I know it. I feel a peacefulness throughout the house today. Not to say it's not busy here, just peaceful in the midst of it all. More settled...at least a little. Or maybe a better way to describe it is, settling into a "new normal." The one thing I have learned is this: you have to forget the way it was and settle into the NEW THING God is producing within the home. If I try and hang on to the way things were, I miss the blessing God is giving our family. It's definetly not easy to "let go". But very nessasary for growth. Once I learn to "let go" and let God take the reigns, the children soon follow. It's not always graceful either. I don't think it's ever been graceful or easy. It's more like sliding into "home" with someone trying to tag you with the ball blurting YOU'RE OUT. And you end up filled with dirt. But when you make it, you celebrate!....while Jesus washes the dirt off :)

OK, now about Google Translate.... I use this page HERE for the translator. First, when I'm translating from English to Chinese(simplified) I type in what I want to say. Keep it short. Us periods and commas often. Like:

#1 "Get dressed. We are going to the store. We need to buy bread."   instead of:

#2 "We need to go to the store and buy bread so get dressed. "

After you get the translation, copy it and paste the Chinese translation  back in the translator and switch it to "Chinese to English".

When I translated the "Chinese to English" this is what I got


Which literally means:
Dressed. We went to the store. We need to buy bread.

This may be confusing but it can also mean this: not sure how one would know which meaning to give it. But most of the time Arielle will understandme: You can change the translated words on the right by clicking on them to see alternate translations. And it sometimes alters the charaters on the left to say something completely different.
When I did this I got this:


Get dressed. We go to the store. We need to buy bread.

This is much closer to the original message and it gets my point across. You're probably thinking "wow, that's so time consuming"...well it is. And at first takes forever, at least it did for me. But I'm getting really fast at it now and I can kind of figure out what words/phrases are going to work and what isn't now that I'm doing this everyday. We don't always rely on it. But when i have to get a message across to her, this is how we do it. And when I need to let her know something, like going to the doctors, or that she needs to get up at 6am, this is how I do it. She is older, and learning English isn't coming quick like some kids. She gets overwhelmed with the unknown, this give her some peace.

When Arielle sends a message to me, we translate "Chinese to English" and click on Allow Phonetic Spelling box at the bottom of the translate box. When she types, she can choose the character she needs...they come up automatically. She can do the same as I do with re translating, but she normally doesn't as it's so involved and a little difficult for her for some reason. So I just try and figure out what she wants. Mostly, I'm trying to get her to use English though.


One Happy Momma said...

terry -

Praying for Asher!

Thank you for the Goggle translate tips! I will be using it when out turn comes. :)



hollym. said...

Hi Terry,
I'm a Bethany Momma that adopted our little girlie in May of 2005. I've followed along with your family for several years as you grew your sweet family thru adoption of your first little guy till your newest daughter. Anyway, I've been praying for little Asher as he goes thru his illness and for your Momma's heart, too. So sorry that you all have to endure this time but so happy that the Lord is in control and we can rest in His care. I look forward to following along a you raise your family. We homeschool, too and love it, mostly.:) I know Anita thru adoption, facebook and connect the two of you! I'm going to ask on facebook to be your friend if you would like to friend me. Hope you had a nice Easter with your Treasures. Take care, hollym.:)