It's been a very interesting month. So much has changed in our household, and much of it is drama! But it's all working itself out. We are becoming a family. Slowly. As we find our new "norm". Much of the past week I've been walking around sulking about all these medical issues I did not anticipate. Issues that will(and have) effected the whole family in some way. Issues we didn't sign up for...blah blah blah. Gosh, that is so bad, selfish, mean, wicked, ungodly, etc etc etc. I'm tired. But God. He is Good, Selfless, pure, perfect, and my strength when I'm weak. Oh Holy Spirit come! Come! ...and He did. and continues to be my strength in these momentary flesh talks I have with myself-He sets me straight. When I put it all in perspective - it's God that led us to this. It's God who gave us a new daughter. It's God who created her to be our child and knew her name before the beginning of time. God. He made the path clear and opened the door wide for her to be here. God.
So much is changing in her too, it's exciting to see! Really, sometimes I can't contain myself when I see her exuberance! What a delightful kid she can be.
I will go on but first I want to share Easter with you...Arielle's first! It was exciting. I found the Jesus Movie for Children and had her watch it in Mandarin. Daddy sat with her and they talked after (well, aided by google translate.) She heard the Gospel in Guangzhou when we were there last month. At least part of it, but I know that most of this is totally new to her. She gets excited about church too...
 Laurens birthday is on April 22 so we sang happy birthday to her and Taylor, who just happen to be here last week...visiting from the West coast :) Her birthday was in March. look close, I forgot to get candles, so we used tea-lights hehehe!
 We dyed Eggs...fun fun fun! Arielle tried not to be interested at first buy quickly got into it!

 See what I mean, look at that face. Totally engulfed in her project!
 And look how cute!
 Here's the loot... they got pillow pets this year. The boys have been asking me for these silly things for over a year. I finally broke down (at 20% off, of course) and I had to get Arielle a Ladybug! But will she like it? is she too old....hmmmm
 Asher got up first and to his surprise! Pillow pets! He then informed Daddy that a rabbit came and left him "stuff". Now, we really don't talk too much about the Easter Bunny. Honestly, I forget to mention him...and Evan knows anyway...but Asher, I'm not really sure what that mind thinks most of the time. I have since realized  that he didn't even know the rabbits name!
 And a little candy of course! I usually would get them a new Bible(or something like that) but I'm not sure what Bible to get Arielle. Maybe a bilingual Mandarin/English Bible. So we will wait until we are sure.
 Asher quickly went back upstairs to wake his sleeping bro. He was less than happy to get out of bed. But still liked the pillow pet.
 They got a glimpse of Bradley before he was off to church and singing on the worship team. Brad got a little basket too...no pillow pet.

Then it was time for the boys to get Arielle up...she likes her Ladybug :) In fact, All 3 sleep with them nightly.
 They got dressed (Arielle is wearing new shoes! you have no idea what an achievement this is! And a blouse!)
 After Church the kids came over and we took photos and ate and had an egg hunt!

 Brad was just a tad bit excited about the Easter Egg he found...the big and littles both joined in on our hunt. Taylor, below, found the golden egg!
Gosh it was a long, but really nice day! And Arielle's first Easter. She loves being with family. She loves her family. And I see her trusting us more and more each day. Back to what I was saying before...

I've been trying to figure out all these med problems-problems I had no idea about, and how to keep this girl healthy. While keeping my other 2 healthy. How am I ever going to do this?! Another special needs kid who needs multiple docs and daily medical care...what the heck! And she doesn't speak English, do you realize how difficult that is to prepare her for these appointments?

But God

He Knew

Then I remembered something. Evan. Before we adopted him, his file opened wrong on the computer and we lost the page that told us his tumor was growing back. Had we known this, would we have looked the other way? It turned out to be wrong information.

Then I remembered something else. Asher. We were never told he had sickle cell. That was not revealed until he came home...I suspected it but...well...would we have looked the other way if in the very beginning we knew?

If we knew about these issues, we would have missed out on these beautiful children. They have so much potential and make our house a home. We love them to pieces! We would have missed this! These moments are so precious, a treasure. I see Arielle coming to life everyday. Growing and mature, and excited about Church! She doesn't fully understand, does she? She asked me twice tonight, "church tomorrow?" (youth group) Yes, church tomorrow. And that's what's exciting to me! She is hearing the name of Jesus. If we had known the truth about her, would we have looked the other way? We would have missed out on treasure more valuable than diamonds or gold.

These kids are mine. Well, really they are His. But I get to have them now. I'm choosing to see what's real and eternal. I'm choosing to see what blessing I'm given each day I wake up to these smiles. I have a choice, and I'm choosing to live for Him. As she color eggs, learns to ride a bike, and speak English, God imparts his TRUTH to me every day as I watch her... His plan is perfect. period.


hollym. said...

Wow, Terry! What a ride! God is with you, but then you know. It is so overwhelming to go thru the illnesses with your children. And I'm so relieved that you feel comfortable enough to share your feelings. I'm praying for everything to smooth out for you. Arielle is like a very young girl in a body that has carried more burden than most of us will ever experience in a life time. Emotionally, physically, spiritually and anything else that I can't thing of because it's 2:30AM and my brain is fuzzy. Anyway, my heart hurts for you all. So much healing to take place along with trust and all. You're making a difference in her life. Thank you for doing this, Terry. Your family is so precious to take on this task. And as we both know, we are the ones that are overflowing with being blessed. I must sleep now!!:)lol God Bless you all!

Kathy C. said...

Did she like the manga Bible?

God's Grace said...

Hi Kathy, it's in English and she can't read it yet. Maybe in about a year...I'm sure she'll love it though!

kayder1996 said...

I have a friend who adopted a daughter domestically at birth (after multiple miscarriages). Their bio daughter, who was a complete surprise, was born like 9 months later. So she had two infants at once. Then her adopted daughter developed some pretty serious medical things that included not gaining weight and supplemental feedings via a g button. Honestly, I think the best thing to remember is that God was not mistaken when He entrusted these kids to us. He knew that your family was a great place for them and put them there. And now for some encouragement....I think I can, I think I can. I know I can, I know I can!