Prouder than a peacock!!!!!

We have so much to celebrate around here :) Amy has finished her degree in Nursing! On her way to becoming an RN soon! I'm so proud of my kiddos! more celebrating coming, it's a busy time around here :)


CK said...

I found your blog from Cathy and Cecil's (bringing home Michael). I don't know if you need any encouragement/help with Arielle but we brought our 9yr old son home last year and I am currently rereading "Attaching in Adoption" by Deborah Gray, it is very enlightening. Our son has a very complicated history and we are praying, searching, and equipping ourselves to help him heal from his past.

Kelly said...

Some huge milestones to celebrate..congratulations on the success of your children!

Jean said...

Congratulations!! It is a great career and degree to have!!

I am an RN, too!! I worked in L&D, Newborn nursery, OB, School Nursings and loved it all!

Blessings on her journey!!

Jen said...

We have a graduation in our house too! Fun times, and lots to celebrate!
A new follower,
..because Life IS a Poem!