June already!!!?!!!

Well I know it's been awhile since I've posted! The photos are not in any particular order...I don't think so anyway :) We've had some milestones and birthday's to celebrate...and it's just the beginning. We have a busy summer this year. And I'm so excited about it. Lots of bonding family time to spend together. I pray we create precious memories together. And I pray all will feel safe, secure and part of the our family adventure. We've had trips to the park at sunset...we tried to get Arielle to eat water ice but she will have no part of anything "cold". I have no idea what will happen when we are in the thick of the simmering summer, on the beach or boards, and all she wants is hot water....really?

Levi had a birthday! He's a big boy! And Chucky Cheese is a great way to celebrate!

Asher loves to Jam!

Over exaggerated "CHEESE"!

Evan had a Birthday too! 6 years old! We also sung happy birthday to Daddy :) We will do it again in a couple weeks on the boardwalk at Ocean City!

Pool time on the birthday!

Can he get any cuter!?!

Blowing out the candles!

Happy Birthday to you! Even Big sister Lauren was here (computer on the table using gmail video!) She's immoble right now...she broke her ankle in two places and had surgery. Poor baby. But she was with us via gmail.....technology!

Having a conversation by way of Arielle's ipod translator. ..And David's phone...not sure what phone he has but it's the biggest phone I've ever seen.

Arielle's English is coming along...She tends to add extra syllables to words and endings that don't belong...like Hun-ger-y (for hungry) And instead of saying "OK" she will say "OK-la".  or "eat-ah-la" for "eat". But all-in-all the english is coming. I don't think it will be as easy to pick up English as it is for a child who is under 12... She tries though. She likes Rosetta Stone English and will most likely do more over the summer to help with English.

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