Time for the beach!

We celebrated Evan's birthday this year with a few friends down the shore, on the boardwalk. The past couple years we really didn't do anything so this year we wanted to make it special. Actually his birthday was at the beginning of June but we waited until the weather got good and hot :) They had a great day!

They had a really good time. It was a great idea! The bigger kids enjoyed it too.

Asher had a "moment" when he realized his carousel ride was not going up and down like the rest... he was not a happy camper! You can read his face!

Arielle on the other hand had a
blast! I was going to have her stand next to him on a horse but thought she should have her first ride on the Carousel on a horse of her own. I don't Asher trust riding one alone...I've seen him almost fall off a pony because he just lets himself slide down, and that was with the pony guy walking next to him! Arielle went on most of the kiddie rides. She would not go on the scary fast ones. She did go on the swings, enjoyed it with laughing and shouting, but when she got off she just didn't know what to do with all that emotion. She buried her head in her Daddy's neck and cried. I have a feeling she will be back on again. She's just never had these crazy sensory experiences before, and the Jersey shore is certainly a sensory overload!!!

We didn't bring cake but we stuck candles into Evan's ice cream! Perfect! Its hard to believe my baby is 6 years old.

We also spent some time on the beach! Was a fun day for the whole family! And Arielle's first time at the ocean, ever! She keeps asking me over and over when we are going back. Brad is excited because I'm not really a beach person but he is.

Arielle told me she would not swim at all before we left. She refused to wear a bathing suit. She did have a bathing suit top on under her shirt-I made her wear it. I bought her a 2 piece bathing suit that completely covers her except her legs and arms. It's really cute on her too. But she told me she would not swim. She actually told me she was not allowed to swim, hahaha! But the doctor told us both that there is no reason she can not swim :) Well, as you can see by the photo, she had a change of heart! Once she saw all the fun, she could not resist. And before you knew it, she was in the ocean fully dressed!

She now asks me every day to go back. It was fun to watch her experience the ocean, a sensory delight for her!

My daughter Lauren was having a blast as well (not). She broke her ankle in 2 places and had surgery on it last month. We called and reserved the beach wheel chair so she could join us on the beach. I'm glad she came with us! and Evan was happy his big sister was there!

Later that week we went to sunset beach to watch the sun go down.

Beautiful Sunset!

Good times and memories

And a good evening for frisbee!

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China Dreams said...

Looks like there was something for everyone, and then one thing for everyone-that sunset was gorgeous!