United States Citizen!

Although Arielle was a citizen upon entry into the USA, she was required to go to the swearing allengence ceramony in order to receive her Certificate of Citizenship. At first I was a bit irritated but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how great this moment could be for Arielle and our whole family.

It was great, and I'm so glad we had to do this. She really didn't understand it all, but one day she will. I did video some of it. It was a really great day and the ceremony was well done. I cried.

I know this photo is corny, but I love it! I want to frame it! God Bless the USA! And God bless it's newest citizens!


IlliniAmy said...

You definitely need to frame it. That is an awesome picture.

hollym. said...

Corny, no. Fabulous, YES!!! Congratulations to the newest USA member of your family!phader

China Dreams said...

This is such a profound moment. I didn't expect it to hit me like it did, but boy, it does hit you just what it means to be a citizen. And when you think of all the people who have taken that pledge before with tears in their eyes and hope in their hearts? It's so humbling and encouraging at the same time.