August Continues

Something has happened to my brain this summer. We are having fun but I'm ready for a routine again... ahhhh, I'm so boring :)
 There has been so much to do this summer. Acutally, I'm not sure what we've been doing! But it feels so busy. I think we are all just adusting to "life" as we now know it. And at the moment it is good. Challenging at times but Good.

The boys in their Pool! Maybe one day we will get a "real" pool... maybe not.
And while the boys played in the Pool, Arielle practiced her English on the computer. Or Engillish, as she would say :p She's doing well, but the Rosetta program is just
too much for her. I am certain her education did not go past the 3rd or 4th grade. And she tells me regularly..."I no like school". Well, I pray it goes well, because school is not an option.  I'm waiting for the school to come up with a plan though. I'm giving them to the end of 2011 to figure out how they are going to educate her. the only real education she needs right now is learning to read. Until that happens, everything else is fruitless. If I don't see a plan in place, I may homeschool her. We will see...

 We've done a lot of parties this summer. Arielle is becoming the "party animal"! At first she was like..."no party"... but now everything becomes a party for her. Funny how she's turned around :)

My Son Bradley got his Masters Degree in Education. Another party! I don't have a decent picture of him though. We had a party for him with no pictures of him....oh well! Here's a nice one of his sister Amy, Taylor and David :)

The Day was super nice!
 We've had several trips down the shore this year. This day we walked the boards and wen't on some rides. Oh, and for the record, Arielle has decided cold food it good, especially ice cream!
 Got some tatoos.....
 Played on the bumper boats....
 And made the big mistake of getting on this thing. Now I know how sick I get on these things... but Arielle wanted a "buddy". Evan won't go near this thing, and Asher is too little. So I was elected! Sure all looks good here....
 But I was ready to puke here... And Arielle had her head practically buried on the floor once that boat got rockin'!!!
 Our trip to the zoo was much more calm and nauseous free :)
 Well, come to think of it, it really wasn't calm, and it was pretty hot! But memories are being made. Even during those rough places we sometimes have, I look back on the photos and smile. I need to keep taking them to remind me... that God is always right, and He's always in control. Press into Him, Trust Him, And He will direct your path!


Kathy C. said...

vatchon--oops! That's the word verification!! Long day. Looks like you've had a busy summer.

The Beauchamp's said...

Hello, I would like to offer a suggestion on teaching Arielle how to speak english. The hard part about rosetta stone, from what I've seen, is that it teaches you words, but not sentence structure. I have been learning to speak mandarin for the last 10 months and I know about 1,000 words. But more importantly, I can carry on hour long conversations with Chinese people. Granted, I have spent countless hours studying, but I feel that the lessons I use could be taught in reverse. i.e. instead of using it to learn chinese, someone who speaks chinese could use it to learn english. I have been teaching an 8 year old chinese boy to speak english, and this is working well. It will especially go well once he learns to read, pronounce the sounds more than read. The website I use is www.melnyks.com I have downloaded 218 of the lessons both audio and transcripts if you would like me to send you a few, that wouldn't be a problem. Also, if you like to use skype, I could work with her individually. My personal email address is beauch777@yahoo.com if you'd like to contact me, otherwise, we will just continue to pray that the Lord sends someone to help her.

In His service,