Summer goes on

On the way to Ocean City Beach! It's crazy to think that I haven't posted in almost a month! We've been busy, but not that busy! I think I'm just mentally, emotionally busy! And so is the rest of the family. We made so many adjustments and changes. I think we are beginning to settle into a family routine. Of course school will begin soon for Arielle and the old routine will need to be replaced by a new one.

Arielle is doing well. We've had a few meltdowns as a family, but
I see a leap of maturity on her part...this has been in the past 4 weeks. I can't explain it, nor will I try. I'm just relieved. We did have a few "talks" about age appropriate behaviour. I'm sure it has something to do with this.  She is very eager to please and you can see her desire to be in a family, be close with her family, and just belong.

We've been to the beach on a few occasions and she just loves it! I laugh whenever I think about how she thought she would never swim! No way to keep her out of the ocean! or pool! Next step is to get her swim lessons.

The boys are having a great time this hot summer too...although Asher appears to be slowing down. I think he needs a trip to duPont Children's for a hemoglobin check. I'm sure it's very low. And he's also been in pain for the past week. I contribute this to swimming in his little pool about a week ago. The water was a bit cold and this is something the doctor has warned me about. So I'm very mad at myself for this! We have thought about getting a family pool, if we do we will need a heated pool. Not very refreshing on a hot day but we can't take any chances.

I actually started Evans school today -1st grade. He's been floundering for about 4 months now...since Arielle came home. We kept up some things but we are a bit behind in his phonics book. Well, I say we are behind but he's actually reading on a 3rd grade level so that's fine-it's his book work that is behind. And his handwriting needs serious improving! There is so much I want to accomplish this school year with him. And I'm excited to add spelling! I'm using Horizons again for first grade phonics, spelling, vocab. For math I've been using singapore math, but I also have Horizons. I heard good and bad about Horizons Math but I want to try it. I want to go in a "normal" order for mathmatics, and was told Singapore does not. But I'm not sure of Horizon's order. I'm assuming, since it's used for Christian schools, that it teaches math concepts in the same order as most schools. I'm concerned about this because I want to send him to Christian school next year for 2nd grade while I work one-on-one with Asher.  I guess I'm concerned about learning gaps. 

For the rest of Evans schoolwork, ie history/social studies, I'll be using Sonlight books. I love reading together and he loves the books. Asher will continue his ABC's, recognition and letter sounds. And the normal preK stuff. He's very behind but catching up nicely. I really think that the time we are ready to begin K he will be more than ready for the K curriculum. Of course this is barring any unforseen "bumps" we may encounter.

We made a very good observation about our Chinese babies. They are very similar in the areas they struggle. Evan came home at 15 months old, but his stuggles are strangely similar to Arielle's. We contribute it to lack of stimulation as infants. Neurologically, the brain connetions where never developed that can only develope within a loving and nurturing, skin to skin contact, way. Both where born with some kind of growth on the back.... maybe or maybe not involving the spine. No one is really sure if it involves the spine. Arielle may or may not have had spina bifida. Still looking for that answer.

This is Asher under the blanket :) taking a nap...cute! Asher, on the other hand, does not struggle the same way as his siblings. I know that he was held in Haiti throughout his first year and beyond. He was often sick so he was nutured by the nannies...there was one nanny he slept with too. I don't know who she was, never was told the name. But I can see the difference in him. We was probably deprived nutritious food(not on purpose), medical intervention, but he was given a steady dose of love and cuddling. Because of that he is stable emotionally. I do see other areas he struggles in though. Most of them physical.

Need to throw a photo in of me and Brad. Arielle is my photographer now :)

Looking out over the Deleware river on the Delaware side. This is at Dupont State Park. The Dupont family pretty much owned most of Delaware at one time!

It was an old barracks for the Civil War...I think...

Dad and Arielle looking lovely with a beautiful blue sky as a backdrop!

Funny to see my photo so often!
One of my favorites...hiking through the barracks!

Looked like an old prison of some kind...

It was a great day but very HOT! I can't remember another summer as hot as this one. Of course I could be wrong.

And we even made a new friend!

BYE BYE...the end!

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Kathy C. said...

Very pretty scenery!

I have been working with the twins all summer to keep them learning. We've done the Dolch sight words, a math workbook, reading lots of books too them and having then read their kindergarten reading books to me. They weren't able to do it in K, but can now, so I'm hoping they are a little more ready for 1st.