My post's have been few and far between. I have a few "brewing" but not enough quiet time to finish them! Some Family Pictures below but before you move on to look PLEASE read this very short encouragement.  I love family, my "home" family and my "Church" family. God is so good to give us "family". We aren't perfect, but we ARE FAMILY. We deal with one another's issues and  "STUFF", pray for each other, shoulder burdens together, laugh and cry together. We get THROUGH the tough spots together. Pick each other up when needed and sometimes
wipe a few noses.... Evan,  in his 6 year old wisdom said to me yesterday...."Mom, is going through "stuff" like driving over a rut in the road?" I thought for a moment and realized he wasn't talking about driving, but  processing a stressful day he was having. I said, "Yes it is, but you need to be careful you don't get stuck".  We all go through "stuff", don't we. Lord Jesus give us the strength and wisdom as you lead us to the other side! And remind us to pray for one another everyday. And not grow weary in doing good... amen

Enjoy the pics :)
Bradley had a birthday in August!

The Cake was kinda cool, Phillies baseball made out of cupcakes. We were livin' large ;)

Asher mixing up the egg salad for sandwiches :)

Mid August we took a drive to Lancaster PA Amish country and stayed a couple nights. Here we are picnicing by a stream and covered bridge we found.

Covered Bridge in Lancaster County PA

Silly Dad!

Pillow fights are always fun when Dad is the target! Especially when he wants to take a nap!

I think this one will be our 2011 Christmas tree ornament

Strasburg RR. We were waiting for our Amish Buggy ride :)

Arielle learning how to drive a buggy

Sunshine after a hurricane

Fun looking to the SON!

Happy Birthday Arielle!

First day of School! Big strides are being taken these days!

Happy Birthday Amy Lynn and Arielle, their Birthdays are only 4 days apart although they are 10 years apart in age! And Levi looks cute helping his old mom blow out the candles!

Mom-Mom Scott came for a visit! I love this picture, I think this is going on the Christmas tree too!

And today is Ashers Gotcha day!!! We will do something this weekend to celebrate-pictures will follow later. If you want to know more about his adoption click HERE.


Kathy C. said...

I hope A. does well in school. It's the best way for her to pick up English. I know it's all so much harder at her age both for you and her.

One Happy Momma said...

Love seeing all your pics!

I might need to do the same to get caught up also. :D

Love ya!