Who moves the mountain...

We are doing a mountain project with the little ones and I decided to look up some "mountain moving" scriptures for devotions this morning... our little devotion reminded me again....

Did Jesus ever say he was going to move the mountain for us? I looked and could not find that. I could be wrong, but I didn't find it. Don't get me wrong, I believe that Jesus can move mountains. I believe that with all my heart. I sing Mighty to Save with gusto! One of my favorite songs and I believe every word of it.
During the time of waiting for my youngest to be released from Haiti, the time was dragging and he was very ill. In my heart I knew he was going to die
if he stayed in Haiti much longer. But we had no diagnosis, and no way to get him home. There was a huge mountain of bureaucracy in our path. I prayed daily for Jesus to move the mountain standing in our way. Day in, day out, this was my prayer. We would sing Mighty to Save every night with Evan as we put him to bed. It was moving to hear the words leave my young son's mouth and comforting to know God was listening.
One day I took a prayer drive. I love my prayer drives! Ferverantly I found myself praying once again for Jesus to move that mountain. Ferverantly I sought my Fathers intervention in our adoption, and His Hand of protection and healing on our Haitian son. Something happen to me during that drive... I was humbled and corrected. He clearly said to me, "I told YOU to tell that mountain to move". Then I drove home and once again read Jesus' words in Matt 21&;22. ..."if you have faith and do not doubt...YOU can say to this mountain, 'go throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." From that point on, my prayer changed. I told that mountain to MOVE (believing my Jesus would not lie), and coupled with my itty bitty mustard seed faith, it was done. The mountain moved. My son came home. Asher was so full of infection that I'm not sure he would have made it much longer in Haiti. And then the earthquake...he would have died. I'm sure of it.
So now I look at him and remember what God spoke to me. Get up, put legs on your faith, and walk. There's a war going on... don't just sit there "believing". Get up and let the enemy know exactly what you believe. Show it. Speak it. Shout it on the rooftop...JESUS is LORD! The enemy's mission is to rob, steal, and destroy the truth you believe in...DON'T sit there and let him! There are unexplainable things that happen in life. Horrible things we hate to even talk about. Stuff that leaves your earthly tents  maimed. But God hasn't changed. His word is still the same. What you have TODAY, don't give it to the enemy. Stand up and remind him about his future. We Win because Jesus IS. I believe that with all my heart. And let His truth fill in the gaps and holes in your heart.

And next post will be about the fig tree withering....boy... great stuff I never thought about before!


Jen said...

Love this faith-filled posts! Thanks! ~ jen

Blessed mom said...

Amen!! Love this post Terry!

Anita - Ky

One Happy Momma said...

And this Terry is why (because of your posts like this one) I was able to change my heart and become a follower of Jesus again!

I love it and love you for sharing your heart!

I hope you don't mind I'll be posting it to my FB wall and say hey take a look at this! This is what it's all about!



the last family said...

I love your blog...we are considering the adoption of an older child, and your blog is inspiring. Thanks for posting.

Huffman's Blog to China said...

Hi Terry. This is Karen. We talked probably a year or so ago. We adopted Sophia from Guangzhou aging out last Sept. At some point we lost contact. I came across your blog on another blog. I couldn't find your email address. Email me at kave2109688@sbcglobal.net.

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

I soooo needed to read that today, dear sister~
Love from Georgia,