I love the fall. The changing leaves, fires in the yard, cool nights, hayrides, festivals, the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet, the kids raking them up! hehe! and the list goes on. I love everything about fall. Pumpkin pie too :) We had many firsts this year. It's been a tough year but a good one. Had it 's ups and downs. Said too many goodbyes. But also rejoiced in new life in Christ. Watching my daughter grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Watching as she's
gone through at least 3 developmental stages in 8 short months. Her language has also gone through many stages. The English language is challenging for her, and she's is a talker so that makes it difficult. She chooses to talk even when the verbal part of her brain hasn't caught up with her understanding of this new language. She babbles. I keep waiting for the silent period I've heard many "experts" talk about with new language acquisition. It's not coming and I don't think it ever will. She would rather talk nonsense then say nothing! That's our girl! We are currently working with the public school to come up with a plan for her education. more on that in the future.

Asher is just a bundle of energy which is unlike him! Learning so much! Amazing how his understanding of the world around him has just blossomed. I was a bit concerned before, but I see him catching up finally! Still has a long way to go but I'm finally seeing progress, whew! Homeschooling is going well with him.

And Evan, well, he is a bit of a challenge, and I'm praying the Lord lead me to the right approach with him. He's really intelligent although a bit immature. I don't want to push, but he gets bored easily. He's been teaching himself sign language and is constantly using it. But because he is shy, he won't talk to anyone who is deaf. We are working on greetings....

Our life is going well, and is becoming "normal". Wonderfully Normal. I love it when we get to this place. It feels good and just in time for the holidays. Not to say it's not difficult, boy is it difficult some days. But right now I feel at peace.

Tonight, right now, Asher is in bed. Evan and I are watching The Goodnight Show on Sprout. Arielle and Daddy are at basketball practice (something she's always wanted to do!) It's 8:30 and winding down for the night. Blissfully boring....ahhhhhhhhh. Enjoy the photos.

Asher playing with MATMAN (HWT)

Playing at pumpkin land :)

I bright and sunny smile on a bright and sunny day!

One at a time on the hayslide! I was sad seeing the boys this year on the haybales. They look so old. Almost too big... they are growing up.

My favorite picture! Bye!

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