Busy! and the time is drawing nigh...

I seems like I've been waiting forever to get to China from our TA. At least compared to our hurry up departure for Evan back in 2006! But it has given us time to really prepare the kids with this. The stress level has been minimal although I noticed that it seems to be rising now that I'm less than 2 weeks away.

Last Saturday I went shopping to pick up a few art supplies and clothing for Arielle. I know she likes to draw so several people suggested we get her a sketchbook and pencils. I also got a few other things to occupy a young artists mind.

I had originally planned to go the the local Tianjin Walmart...I still plan to do that... maybe get some nail polish (because I love painting my nails...not really :P )But I thought maybe we could do that together. I also wanted to get her a basketball since she loves BB.
The more I think about this trip, the more excited I get! I can't wait. I'm praying it will be a time of bonding. The little boys take up so much of my time that I'm praying this will be a positive time for us to get to know each other. I know she fully understands what is going on. I've had limited email contact with her and she says she is excited.
I also got her some clothing. I really don't know if these things will fit her. Especially the jeans. But if they don't I can take them back. I bought her a couple athletic pants and tees, a sweatshirt and PJ pants. I'm hoping there is something in there that she likes AND fits in. I noticed in a few of the photos I received she had on (very used) Aeropostale sweatshirts... so I got a few things from there. At least she will have a few needed things... Strange buying clothes for a teenager again.
We haven't finished her bedroom yet. Well, she has a bed, and the walls are painted. But we wanted her to have some say in the bedding and what hangs on the wall. And we also need to recoup some money to do this! I can't wait to post the finished room with her in it! Wait until you see the "before" pictures...the room was horrible! unlivable. We HAD to do something.

We have been so overwhelmed and blessed by everyone. It amazes me how so many have become a part of this adoption. The outpouring of support has been tremendous! Even the other day a friend bought Arielle and Ipod touch for the long plane ride home! Oh Lord, you continue to pour out your blessing. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart" is what I've heard over and over. During the times of panic. During the times of doubt. You have lead us here. And you will continue to lead us on...Thank you Jesus, Thank you. And touch our girls heart, right now, and give to her peace for the coming weeks.