Well, it's about 2 hours into my flight. I have to say I'm really liking Continental. I recommend this flight out of Newark to Beijing...It's a straight through flight. I love the idea of no layovers.

As I boarded the plane and settled in my seat, I had such a wave of peace and anticipation rush over me. It's happening. Arielle is coming home. For some, 11 months waiting would seem like an eternity and there were times that it did feel that way. But when I compare it to the nightmare wait we had for Asher, not even knowing if he would come home alive, this wait was much easier.

Evan is having a hard time. He sobbed at bedtime. Broke my heart. 18 days is such a long time for a 5 year old! But I will be back! And with a sister. Asher seemed to be a bit confused. And he's coming down with a cold. I'm praying it doesn't become ugly.

I know for most, you won't read this far :) But for those of you who have, thank you so much for all your prayers. I'm soooo tired. I had no sleep last night. Even my dogs are restless. Lauren please check up on the dogs and give them some extra love if your in town. Visit your dad and brothers and brighten their day.

Ok, enough babbling. Leo is my Guide and he will meet me in Beijing. Pinch me please...is this really happening?

Btw, the flights have games and individual movies for each seat. Did I say I really like continental?! Oh and the two seats next to me are empty...wooohooo! I got the whole row:)

8:30 I watched the sun set a few hours ago and now I'm watching it rise. It's beautiful. I want so badly to take a nap or something, but that is not going to happen. 5 more hours till Beijing...

11:35 Siberia is interesting to look down at

Made it on time, 1:30ish...exhausted... Got to the hotel in Tianjin at 5. Very nice room although smells like a cigerette. Too tire to complain... Thanking Jesus for sleep!

Tomorrow I meet up with Leo at Breakfast at 8:30am (that's 8:30 pm tuesday for you!) and we head to Tianjins Children Welfare...and Get LiXue! Gosh! The Lord is already there...

I'm really missing my family...