So Far So Good

Arielle has a list of phrases she uses from online and one of them is "so far so good". I thought it was funny when she pointed to this and shook her head yes :) It is going well but I wish we could communicate better. There are so many questions I want to ask...important question about her health, life at the orphanage, her thoughts on leaving it all behind. She is so brave. Praising God for this amazing child. You can see that she's been through so much in her young life.

When I first got to the orphanage, Arielle came in with all her teachers holding presents, for me! Gosh I felt so unprepared for that. She was obviously loved here. And everyone had a camera. I felt like we were movie-stars.  One of her teachers had a few tears. As we left the building she started to cry a little. It broke my heart to pieces.

For those of you wondering. I saw very few children and was told to NOT take pictures of the kids. I had no time to ask about anyone. I did see some young kids but none of the classes. It went so fast too.

I can't get any pictures to load so I will need to do that tomorrow or later (if I'm awake!) I'm still so tired and nauseous. We have already been to pizza hut for lunch and Kof C for dinner. Well, the guide and Arielle got something anyway! I can't imagine eating that right now ;p Instant oatmeal for me tonight!

She is doing amazingly well but always wanting to serve me. I finally told her that she didn't need to take care of me. That I was her mom now and I was going to take care of HER. She's trying so hard to please me. And I can tell she is very responsible, at least that's the way is seems. I can't get over how brave she is. oh the questions I want ask. so many! I gave her a card from Dad (and me) It was for valentine's day. She wasn't even sure how to open it?! You mean to tell me she was never given a card! Maybe they don't do that in China...maybe they do and she just never got one.

We prayed at lunch. She was baffled. She's never been exposed to God. And the guide was funny. After I had prayed he said "is that it?" If you know me, you know I like to get to the point with before meal prayer :) "thank you Jesus for this food, amen." I'm not one for flowery words...not that there is anything wrong with "flowery". And Leo looked at me and said "I was expecting poetry" hehehe. He's funny and he is now my son in China (he's the same age as Bradley-my son back home) So now Leo has a Christian American Mom who likes to pray to Jesus.

I asked Arielle what she wanted to be called, Arielle or LiXue. We like both but we are really loving her Chinese name. It sounds like Leeshue. And it means "beautiful snow". She said Arielle but I not sure if she just wants to make me happy or not.

Prayer request: That we will learn to communicate with one another better. That she will pick up English quick. I can see that she likes to talk so having no one to talk to may depress her.