Friday Morning here

None of my photos will upload to blogger. Sorry. I will be posting to FB if possible. I think someone ask to 'friend' me yesterday but I can't remember who it is. You may need to ask again :P

It's going well and the last of "business" here took place yesterday. The adoption is done :) Yeah!!! Now we are waiting for her passport to be printed. We will get that next week then off to Guangzhou.

We are trying to use google translator online to communicate...it works for something simple like, "are you hungry" but if you want to ask something more difficult it doesn't make much sense. I'm praying for her because she really likes to talk. She said to me through the guide, "there are so many things I want to say to you but can't"....I know how she feels..

Last night I think she was crying in bed. I've been laying down before her because I'm so exhausted from the time change. She stays on the computer until about 9:00 then comes to bed. I'm hoping to start being coherant when she goes to bed so I can pray with her. I'm awake but totally out of it :P and I'm still naucious.

She has clothing she is very partial to. And she wears two pairs of pants. She is very resistent to changing that. I fear she will swelter! I can't imagine wearing 2 pairs of pants when it's 80 degrees. But I know that she has some kind of comfort in her old clothing right now. We will peal off the pants later :) She is so brave to  do this.

We went to a Hot Pot Restaraunt across the street...very good. Well, I didn't eat much but the experience was fun.

The smog here is what I expected. Horrible! Everythng has a dusting of yuck. I think that China will need to get control of their pollution problem or they are going to distroy it's beauty! It's a lovely culture rich in history but hard to see through all the smog.

We will go to Beijing today(it's Friday here now) and stay until sunday. We will see the Great Wall (sat) and an acrobat show that night. Then come back to Tianjin...I kinda wish we could stay in Beijing. I was supposed to pick up the adoption papers on Monday here but they gave them to me yesterday while I was waiting at the notary office.  It must have been that gift of Irish Cream Chocolate Bunnies (in a pretty green box for St Patty's Day...and the year of the Rabbit!) that made them work faster ...wish I had known. I could have given the passport office bunnies too :P

I found out some interesting information on LiXue yesterday. I'm going to ask more questions today. She feels so familiar to me. She said the same thing. She actually said it first. She showed me her handheld translator in the notary office (that's where we were talking about it) and it said "Fate". I told her "No"... "God"!

Lunch at the Hot Pot Restarant