lookin' up

We went to Jim Thorpe last weekend. We rode the train and hiked through the gorge. It was a lot of fun.

One of the kids, who's name I will not mention, had severe gastrointestinal issues that caused us many trips to the potty. But other than that it was fun!

The the views were beautiful! and the day was perfect.

Of course the boys had to throw some rocks in the river. The rocks were plentiful!

We got some bulking from the teenager because I'm sure she's never hiked through the rocky crags of mountainous terrain. Well, it wasn't really that mountainous but for us it was!

But when we got to where we were going she understood the adventure. I only got this pic on my camera as it began to die. There were better areas of the falls to shoot a picture but I couldn't get the camera to work. There was a climb farther up the water fall but there was no way we could get Asher up there. And Arielle is somewhat unbalanced for some reason. Until we know exactly why, we opted out on that climb.

I like this shot :) Her smile is so beautiful!

Then we decided to stop at Penn's Landing on the way home to catch the fireworks...bad idea!