Doodle boy spent some time in the hospital last week. Complications of
Sickle Cell Disease. He's such a trooper, always manages to smile dispite being so uncomfortable. SC can be an extremely painful disease. And for Asher, it tends to effect his lungs. But we pray for healing daily. I wouldn't change bringing this little boy home for a second.
I've had people call us saints. That's silly to me. We are no saints. Just parents. And we do nothing for our kids that you wouldn't do for yours. These kids are ours, entrusted to us by God. A Gift. A Blessing.

While in the hospital we were visited by awesome friends. It was refreshing and a much needed oasis.

I confess: it gets lonely, and you feel powerless when your child is suffering. Parents want to fix their childrens problems. When you can't it feels like a failure. But a friends presence redirects your thinking,

From selfishness, to prayerfulness and strength.

They don't even have to do anything, just be "friendly" lol!

The Body of Christ is so important. Working together. Building each other up. Thats the job of the body. We can't do this alone, we need each other. I need you. You need me.

We need each other.

Oh, and the picture of me holding the drawing.... Arielle did that for us while I was in the hospital with Asher. She's talented. :)

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