That's my word for what I'm seeing.
Whenever I look in my daughters eyes, they radiate joy, completeness, fullness, innocence, silliness, and newness.
In less then 10 months, life is settling into a
It's not the same as it was.

Not better

Not worse

Just feels normal

2012 will be a good year for her...I'm sure of it!

We went out tonight, just the two of us. She loves our little "dates". We don't need to do anything, just be together. I remember the first time we tried it... awkward. Forced.
We don't have a lot in common. It's hard for me to find a common ground. But I sometimes wonder if most of her "likes" were gleaned from other people. Or her trying to be cool, or tough, or whatever. I'm not sure they are truly her own.

This is what I intend to find out. Who are you my child? Do you know? God knows.

God knows.

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