This happens every year, I take so many photo's during the Christmas holiday that I stop taking pictures. But this year our lives are excessively barren of photos. Here's a few I had on FB from my phone. They are of the boys displaying a couple projects we've been doing. Asher does a new mini lapbook for each letter of the Alphabet, click here if you're interested. It's one of my favorite websites. We just got done the letter S.

And in light of the season of LOVE, we also wrote scriptures on hearts we made and talked about Gods perfect love and how he writes his Word on our hearts. And also the importance of reading His Word. We then hung the hearts in the windows and around the house.

I have a plan to write healing scriptures and hang then around Asher's bed and also around the house. Praying for his healing of SC.

Arielle is finishing up  her season of basketball.
It's been fun for her and I know it's something she really wanted to do. But I think it was more of a learning experience for her .... she has come so far in maturity...I'm happy she had the opportunity to play on a team. It was difficult at times because she's never played on a real team. Learning teamwork. Learning to lose gracefully, that was/is a big lesson for her.  And she's learning that she's not the Lone Ranger anymore. We are all a team. The concept of team is foreign to her. Then there was the language barrier. But, as I said, it was definitely a learning experience for her and also opened her eyes up to many things. She's #31 in the photo.

We have been considering putting the boys in a school nearby that teaches a classical Christian education. My oldest son just got a job there teaching 5th grade. Money is the only issue holding us back at this point. I think they would both benefit from this, expecially Asher because he will be eligible to recieve special services from our county. Like speech. He needs it.
I am counting the days until spring! And I'm happy it's almost the middle of Feb. But we have plans in the coming weeks... our anniversay, valentines day, and some other fun stuff. But my husband is being layed off at the end of the month so we are trying to get in all of our doctor appointments before insurance runs out... including surgery for Asher. He is having minor surgery on the 20th but since he needs to be transfused he will need to be admitted for a few days.
BTW, I've been praying about one more-one more girl. But with Brad being layed off this month it seems crazy to me, wel,l it is crazy. So I don't know why the number 7 stays embedded in my brain. Of course I'm just praying. Brad has firmly stated "no way", as he always does :) He says it with a half convincing smile too. Oh Lord, are we too old?
Talk to you soon! Blessings!

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