May Pictures!

Just some May stuff! Birdhouses where finally finished and soon to be mounted outside to house our fine feathered friends!
Levi had a birthday, 6 years old! So my grandbaby came over for a little party with the fam :) hmmmm, looks like Power Rangers... lovely...
Oh and Lauren shared a party with Levi although her birthday was last month, she's 27, my baby is old! What does that make me? We also celebrated her finishing her 2 year degree in Animal Science... trying to convince her to continue right away and not take a "break"! We got her a Kindle Fire for her outstanding grades and accomplishment!

Here are the happy birthday pair with a multitude of candles!
Trying to blow out the trick candles Daddy put in there! Oh Daddy!

Ok, I know this is a boring post to most, but right now, it makes me happy :)

God's Grace to you! Terry

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