Where do I start!? I miss my blog :( sorry I've been away so long. And there is much to catch up on! May camera has given me problems for months now and I'm missing so many moments! But I'm working on getting myself a really good replacement that will spark my desire to photograph "life" once again. But for now, my point and shoot will have to do! 
My Daughter Amy is Preggie! I love seeing her middle growing by leaps and bounds. As a matter of fact, she's even bigger than when this photo was taken. This was taken about a month ago.... She's due Mid August, something I'm looking forward too, and, IT'S A BOY! so Levi is going to be a big brother :)
My son Bradley was married to Melissa last month. Such a wonderful year we've had so far! So much growth in many of us, including me. My son is a man and has barely lived at our house for a few years now. Yes, he still resided here but we rarely saw him except when coming and going. but letting my baby boy go in my heart was very difficult. But necessary at the same time.

 I've learned when a son gets married, it's much different from when a daughter gets married.  Basically, I just sat back to enjoy the ride. Relatively stress free too! But there was much more personal angst then when my daughter married. Maybe I just had more time to think; the memories of when he was little, the little hugs and kisses I got at bedtime, his inability to share his mommy's lap with is sisters! The snuggles had been long gone. But you don't think about them being gone until a new milestone is reached. And marriage is the milestone we've been leading up to all his life. When the first three were little, I faithfully prayed for their future spouses...that's my prayer now for the current crew .  
So now I can just step back and thank God for the answered prayer of a Godly wife for our son, right? It wasn't so easy. When Amy was married I was involved with every detail. But, a wedding is all about presenting the bride to her husband, she's the star-and her mother is her support for wedding preparations :) A man is supposed to leave his father and mother. Then he stands in awe of her beauty that moment he sees his bride, and the covenant between them is made eternal, and the celebration begins... the two become one.   ok, I'm rambling...

 Heads up to you mother of boys! Back off, don't be an overbearing inlaw, and recieve your
daughter-in-law into your family, that's your job, not hers. Be at peace. Make her feel like "family" because... she is.
(oh and Darlene if you ever read this, thank you so much for being such a loving support to the kids! We love you!!!I never understood what the mother of the groom had to go through, but I do now! forgive me for being stupid)

Melissa is a beautiful wife indeed... and a beautiful daughter. She's a precious part of our family tree now.

Our family continues to grow.

My three daughters Amy, Lauren and Arielle... and me

Lauren and Mike
A rare photo to get these two together!

Bradley and his blushing new Bride Melissa

What do you do with three little boys when they are bored? Give them your phone!

Brad was married the day before Easter. The wedding was in the morning and we were home by late afternoon. So we colored eggs after! 

Very proud of their eggs!

Boy, Asher's really "cheesin'" for the camera!

On our way to Church, Easter Morning!

You may have noticed Arielle in a skirt. She's truly come a long way since last year. We celebrated her one year anniversary in April too! We are so please at the progress Arielle has made in EVERYTHING! She is learning, growing, maturing and becoming a beautiful young woman. She still doesn't like wearing the skirt-but will tolerate it, hehe. Her dress for the wedding was stunning and the photos above only tell part of the story.

I'm certain that the insecurity she experiences is being chipped away each time she is told she is loved, each time she is told she CAN do it, each time she is told she's beautiful, smart, and reminded that she can do anything she works hard at and applies herself to. And her commitment to God will one day totally "restore what the locust have eaten". Healed and made whole in Him.

We have school all figured out for next year too. All three of them. A different plan for each one. Arielle will go to high school here in our town-8th grade, Evan will go to a Bethel Prep for 2nd grade(my son Bradley teaches there), and Asher is being home schooled for kindergarten using the K12 program. It's actually a charter school option in our state now, so it's all paid for, free computer too! It's perfect for him because he can go at his own pace. When and if he goes into the hospital he won't get too far behind. And I can still keep an eye on his energy level.

Blessing and Gods Grace to you! Terry

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Kathy C. said...

You've had a busy year.

Arielle is beautiful and stunning in that dress.

I wish my in-laws felt like you do. At almostm 24 years I'm still an outsider : (