Summer? Where are you!

So, I can't believe that it's September! Summer flew by at mock speed. We barely started and then "poof" it was gone.
It's been busy, and for some of us, great! But for poor Asher, it's been a hard August. He's had a painful month and ended up in the hospital for a few days. Fever. Cough. Pain. And just generally fatigued. He still is not 100%... praying for my little man.
He starts Kindergarten at home this year! One on One! I'm excited to spend that time with him :)
Cape May Point - July
Evan had a pretty good summer but he has worried about starting school. He's been home schooled so the "unknown" had him concerned. He start school yesterday... it was rocky at first but he figured it all out by the end of the day. Today was a good day :) He's going to do great. It's a private Christian School. Small classes and great teachers! His big brother Brad teaches there as well! 
Down OC July
Arielle has done wonderful this summer.
Growing leaps and bounds!
I can't believe the change in her since she came home! And it is all God! She prays everyday, reads her Bible and takes her walk with the Lord serious. Blessed Momma.
OC - favorite pass-time
This is not to say we don't have our problems, and we have far to go. Especially with education. But I'm beyond blessed to say I couldn't imagine life without her.
August was a rough month with Asher but it did have it's moments of blessings... like the birth of our brand new Grandson!
Micah Benjamin
9lbs 5oz
Oh what a joy it is! To watch my daughter and her husband raising a family of their own is bittersweet. Although I miss the days that my Amy Lynn was little, it's cool to see her love and nurture her own sons. And when her step daughter is visiting from across the country. They are Mighty Men (and woman) of God just waiting to happen! I pray for their confidence to grown in Christ and that they feel the Love of Jesus abound in their lives.
Enjoy the photos-a few of my favorites from the summer! Brad got a job and starts next week... finally. We are truly blessed. God has a plan. May we always seek Him for what that is.
A forest walk

Bushkill PA

A roller-coaster ride for the first time!!!

Trips to the park with the boys

Hagley Museum with friends, LOL

One of my favorite photos... the powder mills at Hagley

Don't often post a photo of me but the beautiful background is worth posting! Longwood Gardens

A sprint through the garden :)

Best Buds!

Another Favorite

What are they thinking???

Tree House at Longwood

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