Family Fall Highlights

I realize I'm probably the only person going to read this post right now but I need to highlight the last few months anyway. I love looking back on past posts and seeing what was going on and how much everyone has grown.
Amy and Arielle's Birthday in Sept!
Fall Harvest time with the family. visited a Maze and Hayride with the kids. :) Even went Apple picking... First time!

Perfect pumpkins
Arielle is learning to read. It's a blessing to hear her finally read to her brothers.
Samuri Warriors!
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Asher's 6th Birthday in Nov
Happy Birthday Baby!
My beautiful baby girl had her 2nd son... 
Micah Benjamin! So beautiful. 8lbs 5oz.
Brothers (and my beautiful Grandsons!) Levi and Micah :)
Hurrican Sandy tore up the Shore and New York!
Ocean City
Sophie and Maxine... Found in a storm drain during Hurrican Sandy.. now a part of our family :)

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Rose Anne said...

Terri, so glad to hear your updates!
God bless you in this new year!