Stretching beyond the Natural

ADOPTION. There has been nothing more challenging, nothing more rewarding, nothing that has helped me to grow... in EVERY WAY... Stretching me to the max!

 I’m learning about true love. Love that goes beyond the natural. I’m learning about maturity (and how immature I sometimes am). I’m learning about Jesus in a way that I’ve never seen before.  I get it now... 

I get it. 

I get what it means to be ADOPTED by my Father. 

There’s no reason for Him to love me. But he does. Enough to sacrifice EVERYTHING to bring me home. I was the lowly one who needed a family. I was the abandoned one destined to die – because in the world 
...that’s what happens.

 But my Daddy paid the price, brought me home and gave me not only a forever family, He redeemed me from my destiny in this world... death. 

 So I really get it now. 
And I thank God for the 3 adorable faces I get to see everyday who have taught me (and continue to do so!) about an unconditional and sacrificial love that reaches to the very ends of the earth to save us.
And it's just the beginning...

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