I love my life-blessed I surely am. Mother's Day is tomorrow and I'm already overflowing with an outpouring of love from my kids! The littles along with Arielle got me flowers again... oh how I love them. Flowers to plant in the garden :) Acutally, I get this every year and I look forward to it!

But my heart turns tonight to the ones with no mothers. The children who have no family. Millions.

My heart aches for them. So tomorrow, Mother's Day, I pray...  that a heart will open up. One Heart. For one Child. Lord open the eyes of our hearts to see you in the eyes of an orphan. I pray, that tomorrow will be the day that someone will make the decision to give a motherless child what they've always wanted, A Family!  Lord, clear their minds of distraction and speak clearly and directly into their soul.

And Show them with You, Lord, all things are possible.