remembering that "waiting child"

Every time I kiss my baby grandson, touch his face, tickle his feet, every time I'm reminded....

Every time I try to pass by but end up stopping to smile at him, then wait to see his returned joyous grin, every time I'm reminded...

Every time I kiss his hands and feet and sing him a silly song, and watch every other adult in this house do the same thing, every time I'm reminded...

My big baby girl NEVER had this. Nor do those still waiting in orphanages all over the world...

She wasn't kissed, or hugged or loved. She didn't have anyone blow raspberries in her neck, or tickle her belly. Was only touched when needed. Oh yes, she was fed-the institution she was in wasn't the worst. I'm sure a bottle was propped up in her mouth at feeding time then promptly taken away when or if she even had a chance to finish, schedules need to be followed at an orphanage or the work load escalates. I'm sure she had her diapers changed promptly at the same time each day, whether they needed it hours before or not. All babies get changed on the same schedule.

But there's emotional neglect, deprived of the love of a family. Lined up like cattle or sheep to be bathed, fed, whatever... disconnected. But to an orphan, this is normal. No child should go a lifetime without being told how much she is worth, how much she is love, how much she is cherished. How smart.

No child should ever need to go through life without a hug.

But God sees. He hears. He loves. Everything inside of me wants to proclaim this.

GOD LOVES HER. She IS His princess. His child. His chosen. He pulled her out of darkness and has shown her His light. And we have the privilege of watching her life unfold as it should have long before.

We get to watch as God fulfills his promise to "restore what the locust have eaten".

We Love our baby girl. We are growing together each day. With the good, as well as the difficult, we are learning to navigate together.

Her testimony is a mighty one. I know God has a mighty plan for this child! She has an amazing spirit that can only be explained as God's grace in her. Learning step by step.

Two years ago yesterday she walked out of the plane that brought her home, to be a forever family together.

It was probably the most difficult thing for all of us. But also the most rewarding to see her life blossom as it has.

But I still remember... there are so many others who need to come home as well. Oh Lord I pray that more open their hearts and home to a "waiting child".

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April Guy said...

<3 Love that girl! Love what God is doing in her heart and through her family!!! She blossoms more every day... in every way!! <3