Our Haitian Prince

September 19, 2009 Brad flew to Haiti to be united with our 2 1/2 year old Haitian Prince, Asher Calerbe. It was a long 2+ year process but he was finally coming home. Along with the normal mourning,confusion and trauma a child experiences during those first days together, Brad noticed that there was something terribly wrong as they walked through the airport. Asher was in pain. And very listless. He didn't move very well and appeared to be getting sick. He naturally thought it was all part of the grieving process and trauma experienced by being swept away from everything familiar.
The next morning in Miami Asher developed a high fever that continued to rise during his flight home to Philly. As soon as he got off the plane, I scooped this little boy in my arms and knew we needed to get to the Hospital ASAP. We stopped at Brad's work to quickly get him added to our insurance and immediately headed to Dupont Children's Hospital.

It was there that our suspicions where confirmed...Asher has Sickle Cell disease. It's amazing that he is even alive. God's hand has been on this child for his first 2 1/2 years. There is no other way that he could have survived in Haiti. If you know anything about Haiti, you know it's not the best place for medical care. But our son is alive, and we thank God for that.

Asher didn't make it home right away, but he did Come Home! And now that he has regular medical treatment he's doing very well. Amazingly well. I even forget that he has SC.
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This is Asher at the beach...one of his favorite places...check out his sand beard!